Band Aides

“I’m with the band!”

Webster Groves High School Band Aides is a parent-led group which supports the band program at Webster Groves High School. The current band program consists of a marching band, symphonic band, wind ensemble, jazz bands and jazz combos. The program involves approximately 200 students.

DSC_0517The officers of the organization include a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and a Member-at Large who serves as a financial overseer. Monthly meetings are held at the high school and all band parents are invited to attend.

WGHS Band Aides is a 501c(3) organization registered with the State of Missouri. The operating budget averages around $28-30,000 annually with the majority of funds raised through concession sales at home football games. The amount taken in goes right back in to the Band program. A goal is to end each year with a slight budget surplus (in order to fund the concession stand for football games in the fall).

Funds help pay for band uniforms, instruments (a bassoon, trombone and flute purchased last year), music charts and commissioned music. The Band Aides also help raise money for travel expenses and help bring in musical artists to work with the band. The Matt Wilson Tree-O, renowned NY jazz group previously visited to educate, inspire and play with band students; from the 6th grade level up to our award-winning Jazz 1 ensemble.

The Webster Groves Jazz program is one of the most respected in the Midwest and has sent students on to continue Jazz education at some of the best programs in the country. The band recently toured New York City with Jazz 1 performing at the world-famous Birdland Jazz Club.

Band Aides also helps support the entire band when it tours nationally and internationally. This past year, the band performed in Austria and Germany. The band has also performed in London, Prague, San Francisco, and New York City.

Thank you for your support of our world-class band program!

Shelly Daly (Louis Meyer, percussion 2019)

Vice President:
Cory Kleinschmidt (Cole 2020, percussion)

Mary Niemira (Zach Niemira 2019, saxophone)

Chris Kocher (Kathryn 2020, flute)

Financial Overseer/Member-at-Large:

Concessions Director:
Virginia Smith (Sterling 2019, trombone & Fiona 2021, flute)

Social Director:
Sheila Kleinschmidt (Cole 2020, percussion)

Fundraising Directors:
Ellen Keller (Sam 2019, percussion)
Carrie Swaine (Sam 2020, saxophone)

Communications Director:
Sheila Burkett (Steven 2019, percussion)

Officer Duties


The President’s overall function is to lead WGHSBA. Specific duties include:

  • Preside over regular and special meetings.
  • Prepare meeting agendas.
  • Be the voice of the WGHSBA to the membership.
  • Garner decision consensus.
  • Coordinate new officer nominations.
  • Verify with the Vice President that WGHSBA cloud storage has been populated with:
    • monthly treasurer reports
    • bank statement pdf’s
    • meeting minutes
    • meeting agendas
    • IRS e-postcard (or the like) password (cloud login required for access)
  • Inspect tax forms prior to filing.

Vice President

The Vice President’s primary function is to oversee WGHSBA property and processes. Specific duties include:

  • Be responsible for overseeing equipment maintenance and inventory.
  • Verify with the President that WGHSBA cloud storage has been populated with:
    • monthly treasurer reports
    • bank statement pdf’s
    • meeting minutes
    • meeting agendas
    • IRS e-postcard password (cloud login required for access)
  • Act as the WGHSBA liaison to the PTO umbrella with respect to PTO regulations.
  • Notify State Treasurer’s office of PTO officers annually
  • Coordinate fundraising rules and regulations to fundraising chairs.
  • Assume the position of President in the event that the office of President is vacated.
  • Ensure that appropriate insurance is maintained (PTO umbrella)


The Treasurer’s responsibility is to execute financial matters for WGHSBA including:

  • Have exclusive charge of all funds belonging to the organization.
    Maintain bank accounts.
  • Expend funds as authorized by the WGHSBA budget or otherwise approved according to the by-laws.
  • Provide cash boxes as necessary for fund raising events.
  • Maintain financial records, including, but not limited to, monthly budget spreadsheet, bank statements,
    receipts, and student account spreadsheets.
  • Maintain copies of financial records to WGHSBA cloud site. The budget spreadsheet shall contain the
    appropriate IRS tax form financial fields.
  • Provide financial records (final treasurer’s report; student accounts spreadsheet and bank
    statement(s)) for FOML review within 60 days of fiscal year end.
  • Provide a mid-year report at the January Band Aides meeting corroborating treasurer records and
    bank statements.
  • Assist the FOML to ensure a timely close of the year’s books and tax filing.
  • File appropriate governmental and banking forms including:
    • Annual Sec. of State registration report.
    • Tri-annual Sales Tax Certificate renewal.
    • Signature card updates
    • Confirm correct EIN is used when necessary
  • Provide resource support of financial activities.
  • Participate in researching tax related issues.
  • Participate in general financial control administration.


The secretary’s job is to record and maintain records of WGHSBA activities.

  • Take meeting notes (minutes) at WGHSBA meetings.
  • Upload minutes to WGHSBA cloud storage site.
  • Send notification one week prior to WGHSBA meetings that unapproved minutes are available for

Financial Overseer/Member-at-Large (FOML)

The FOML’s responsibilities are to oversee WGHSBA financial records and to provide representation of the whole membership. Responsibilities include:

  • Mid and year end inspection of final treasurer report and bank statement(s).
  • Notify WGHSBA officers of findings.
  • Coordinate tax filing within 60 days of year-end financial inspection.
    • Filling in forms.
    • Submitting forms to the President and Treasurer for inspection/approval.
    • Filing forms.
  • Notify WGHSBA officers of filing
  • Upload all tax documentation to WGHSBA cloud storage.
  • Review Treasurer’s governmental and bank form activities including:
    • Sales Tax Certificate filing.
    • Signature card(s) updates.
    • Confirm correct EIN is used
    • Annual registration report with Sec. of State has been filed.
    • State sales tax exempt status is maintained.
  • Participate in researching tax related issues.
  • Participate in general financial control administration.
  • Attempt to debate alternative views (play devil’s advocate) on behalf of membership.
  • Responsibilities for the current term end upon successful tax filing.

Webster Groves High School Band Aides – Committee Positions

(as copied from the WGHS Band Aides By-Laws)

The COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR shall publicize all activities of the band and Band Aides, and shall maintain the Band Aides list serve and facilitate electronic publicity to parents. The Communications Director
is empowered to appoint an Assistant Director to assist with the duties of the office.

The CONCESSIONS DIRECTOR shall be responsible for coordinating concession activities, as necessary, at all band events. The Concessions Director is empowered to appoint an Assistant Director to assist with the duties of the office.

The FUND-RAISING DIRECTOR shall coordinate all fund raising activities for Band Aides. The Fund Raising Director is empowered to appoint an Assistant Director to assist with the duties of the office.

The SOCIAL DIRECTOR shall be responsible for coordinating the Fall Picnic, Annual Awards Banquet and all other social activities conducted by Band Aides. The Social Director is empowered to appoint an Assistant Director to assist with the duties of the office.


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