Webster Well-Represented in All Suburban Bands

Webster Well-Represented in All Suburban Bands

The St. Louis Suburban Music Educators Association recently held auditions for the prestigious all-suburban bands, releasing the names of the few students throughout the county who get to participate. The results? Webster Groves School District’s music program is more than well-represented.

“Wow, Webster has a big presence in these bands!” says Betsy Tomiser, whose son Henry was one of the many Webster students to make the cut. “Congrats to all the students and alternates who made it in because their hard work paid off. But let’s not forget a huge shout-out to the Webster music directors who foster this talent.”

Several students at both the high school and middle school levels auditioned for both the concert and the jazz bands making both of them. In this situation, they had to chose (both bands rehearse at the same time).  Here are the lists of Webster students invited to participate:

High School All Suburban Jazz Band

Alex Turley – Alto 1

Henry Tomiser – Alto 2

Sam Swaine – Alto Alt. 1

Matthew Muldoon – Trumpet 2

The WGHS Jazz 1 at a Halloween performance at Jazz at the Bistro. An unusually high number made it into All Suburban.

Reade Snelling – Trombone 2

Max McArthur – Alt. 2 Trombone

Evan Palmer – Bass Trombone

Bill Harned – Alt. 1 Guitar

Lucy Herrick – Bass Alt. 1

Concert Band

Kathryn Heddens-Kocher – Flute Alt. 2

Kate Babel – Clarinet Alt. 1

Matthew Muldoon, Trumpet 2 (chose jazz)

Ray Wetzel-Meehan Trumpet 6

Henry Tomiser – Alto Sax 4 (chose jazz)

Evan Palmer – Trombone 4 (chose jazz)

Ben Wieselman, Tuba Alt. 1

Middle School All Suburban Jazz Band

Miles Cole – Trombone 1

Beckett Mitchell – Drums/Vibes

Simon Lang – Piano

Concert Band

Miles Cole – Trombone 1 (chose jazz)

Beckett Mitchell – Percussion 4 (chose jazz)

Shiloh Roash – French Horn 1

They’ll be five rehearsals with concerts in January. Plus all these kids get to audition for All State on December 7th in Columbia.